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HX Pro Plus Electrostatic Sprayer

Life Essentials Skin Care

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HX Pro Plus Electrostatic Sprayer
HX Pro Plus Electrostatic Sprayer
HX Pro Plus Electrostatic Sprayer

The HX Pro Plus, offers the same great benefits as our base model, but with several new and improved features. Through direct feedback from our current clients and partners, we developed this Electro•Hygiene System to include a number of enhancements, including stream-lined black matte finish that not only looks stunning, but offers increased tank durability. Paired with the high-performance induction motor, high-torque nickel fittings, and optimized ergonomics, we’re certain that you’ll agree that the HX Pro Plus is the most sophisticated antiviral technology available on the market.

HYGIENICA technology kills the virus in conjunction with any EPA registered disinfectant and has been proven to be highly effective at eliminating 99.99% of all viruses, pathogens and bacteria.

HYGIENICA technologies are designed to atomize the disinfectant with a micron size >20-50 uM when applied to surfaces and will kill the virus in 2+ minutes with proper dwell time, depending on the product.

The HYGIENICA Electro-Hygiene System is the choice technology for technical remediation specialists.

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